Bobbie Crews


Bobbie Crews


“It’s hard to resist the pull of fine artist Bobbie Crews’ automotive paintings, as their carefully considered details draw you in.  She has created a unique style that renders photorealistic subjects—classic automobiles are among her favorites – in a warm and engaging manner”.  (Hemming’s Classic Car Magazine, Sept. 2012).  The human element is apparent in her work even when people aren’t readily visible.  It’s about the character and history of the automobile – the mystique.  “Where does man end and machine begin”?


Crews has earned a following for her trademark abstract-realistic style, and usually focuses on the headlamps and characteristic lines to create an oil-on-canvas painting akin to a human portrait.  (Hemming’s Sports and Exotic Car Magazine, Dec. 2012).  She likes to zoom in on certain aspects of the subject creating an intimate portrait of the automobile.   “The beautiful lines and curves of classic cars speak volumes about design and character and I want to capture that luster - that sparks of living innovation and beauty”. 


Bobbie has been interested in classic cars since the early 60’s, and used them in murals for the last couple of decades, but really began creating automotive fine art in 2009, first exhibiting her works in a duo show called “Headlights and Streetlights” in early 2010. 


Bobbie Crews Studio is located in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee.  Besides painting fine automotive art, she paints portraits of people, and does murals.   She hosts a weekly life drawing session for other professional artists and is a courtroom sketch artist.   Her work is in private and corporate collections nationally and abroad.   She earned her BFA from the University of Tennessee School of Art. 

 Crews accepts commissions for portraits of automobiles as well as people, and sells giclee prints of her paintings.


Bobbie Crews Studio

Emporium Center for the Arts

100 Gay St. Suite 107

Knoxville, TN, 37902