Phil Ward

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Ward 71, from Paola, KS retired in 2006 from Osawatomie State Hospital as Business & Operations Manager. Phil has a degree in Russian Area Studies and a Master’s degree in International Business Management from the Monterey Institute in Monterey Calif.  Much of his career has been in health care administration.  Interest in cars began when, as a teenager, he spent his weekly allowance on automotive magazines. However, after retirement, he renewed this passion for sports and exotic cars and began to experiment with digital art. Ward taught himself computer programs, such as, Photoshop and Black Magic.


"I like to create compositions that capture the essence of the Golden Era of sports car racing - the cars, the people and racing at that “magical” moment in time, Phil explains.  Ward’s artwork begins with a 35m slide, negative, scanned photograph or digital image. While some photos are his own, most come from professional or amateur photographers from whom he licenses their images."



“Digital artist Phil Ward creates automotive artwork that starts with photographs and finishes with evocative compositions that are more akin to carefully orchestrated paintings.” September 2013  -  Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car


     Phil has no formal art training, as such, he often smiles as he explains, “I don’t know what rules I am breaking”.  Ward’s self-learned process over the past six years results in creating “painterly effects” not through a more traditional digital painting technique but digital artistry.  This artistry applies “filter” effects of watercolor, illustration or impasto for example to the composition and then from that “filter” result he selects essential elements of the new image to place in a “layer”.  It is in these blended layers the digital magic can be orchestrated by the artist.  Often Ward’s composition can contain more than fifty layers.


High resolution prints are produced by a nearby professional imaging lab.  This allows Phil to offer large format prints on fine art canvas, fine art paper, 1/16” aluminum, clear acrylic, 3/16” diBond aluminum and metallic/pearle paper.


     In 2009, Ward donated one of his compositions to the charity auction of the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegence and he has done so every year since.  Several of his compositions have been signed by notable personalities such as Bobby Rahal, Lee Holman, Gary Wales and Sir Stirling Moss OBE.

“Ward expresses automotive passion through digital artistry.”

Tom Strongman Contributing Editor  -  Kansas City Star


(Photographic credits:  Lou Galanos, Ed Matsuishi, Peter Singhof and LAT Photographic,LTD)