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Meet the Keeneland Concours Photo Team.

Comprised of individuals with a passion for photography, these individuals also have a ' focus'

of donating their time and talent for the Concours charity -

Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

This year’s team is comprised of:


Heading up this group is Dave Howard (Email Dave>>)

as the Director of Photography.

Doug Steele (Email to Doug>>)

Larry Neuzel (Email to Larry>>)

Bill Wooldridge (Email to Bill>>)

Norma Wirt (Email to Norma>>)

Fred Reaves (Email to Fred>>)

Walt Herip (Email to Walt>>)

Karl Lawrence(Email to Karl>>)

Other contributors were: Gary Kessler (


For a one-stop review, visit us at: here you will find galleries of photos contributed by our photographers .


And, should one photograph capture your attention,

these photos are for sale. We know you could buy your photos somewhere else - but the proceeds from these print sales will continue the contribution to the Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

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