Kentucky Children’s Hospital – Our Beneficiary

Proud to continue our 16 years of support to Kentucky’s Children Hospital.

It was a privilege to have the UK Children’s Hospital Transport team at our event again. This time we asked them to explain what makes them so special and the relationship with Keeneland Concours d’Elegance. Here’s the link to that video.

Kentucky Children’s Hospital

Kentucky Children’s Hospital (KCH) has Eastern and Central Kentucky’s only Level I pediatric trauma center, Level IV newborn (neonatal) intensive care unit and pediatric intensive care unit. You’ll also find more than 30 advanced sub-specialty programs, such as pediatric oncology and pediatric surgery. That means when your child needs the highest level of advanced specialty care, it’s available right here, close to home.

The pediatric doctors, nurses, surgeons and healthcare specialists at Kentucky Children’s Hospital are among Kentucky’s best. They’re people who’ve made caring for children their life’s work. Their skills and experience make them a valuable part of caring for Kentucky’s kids. At Kentucky Children’s Hospital, you’ll find family-centered care. Kids aren’t the only people they care for; they care for families too. They are here to help you choose a doctor and find the health care resources you want and need for your child and family.

How has Keeneland Concours d’Elgance helped?

Donations – such as those from the Keeneland Concours d’Elegance help move the Kentucky Children’s Hospital closer to fulfilling their mission and reaching its goals. In our years of support, our donations have been focused on robotic patients/simulation babies. A great teaching aid to students and doctors alike. As the Keeneland Concours team approaches its second decade – we are all very proud to h be helping with the great work KCH performs day in and day out.

Keeneland Concours d’Elegance Endowment for Newborn Research Funds basic and translation research for our caregivers and basic scientists in the NICU $511,821 endowment established $125,000 to fund the creation of a pediatric simulation lab in KCH $50,000 to fund the purchase of the next generation of portable pediatric simulation training systems $50,000 in support of KCH programs and family support.

Total giving to date $736,821.

Tom Jones, KCdE chair is shown the training and use of the infant sim bots.

The conference room in the new KCH entry was named in their honor for their support. This space is a dedicated conference and meeting room in KCH which will be used by faculty, staff and volunteers.