Ed & Carryl Howell

Ed & Carryl Howell

Directors of the Tour d’Elegance

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Ed & Carryl:

Carryl and I moved to Kentucky in 2000 following retirement from Navistar in Chicago.  We are deeply ingrained in the car hobby and thoroughly enjoyed the roads in the beautiful our adopted Bluegrass region.

We both joined the Lexington Concours d’Elegance in its first year in 2004.  We have been directly involved in the Sunday Tour d’Elegance from 2004 to the present. The Sunday Tour d’Elegance has contributed over $60,000 to the Keeneland Concours and the Kentucky Children’s Hospital over the past 14 years.

In 2008 we assisted Jim Levenson with the Car Acquisitions Committee up through 2017.  Carryl developed many of the committee’s procedures including an entrant handbook and a color coded list of entrants for use by the Acquisition committee as well as many members of the distinguished Concours Core Team.

Our daughter Pam Martorano / Kaliko Design has also been “recruited” to design some of organizations printed materials. It is truly a family effort for our KCD family. Other activities included assistance with the hard bound program book during the Automobile Quarterly (publication) era.