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Official KCdE Merchandise

KCdE offers several types of merchandise to purchase. Photographs, KCdE Programs and coming soon – wearables. Thank you for your continued support and remember all proceeds benefit the Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

•  Photographs and printed products:

Keeneland Concours d’Elegance is well represented in photographs, these are taken by our fine photographic team.
Our website – www.keenelandconcours.smugmug.com contains years of photographs. Images are organized by galleries / subject matter you can easily find your favorite subject. This is also where you can purchase selected print(s). Just about any size and various finishes. You can also purchase personal digital downloads, great for screen savers on your devices.

Recently added is a long list of personalized items – mouse pads to coffee mugs.

•  Keeneland Concours d’Elegance Programs:

These are new programs / past inventory from the 2004 inaugural year to the most current. The 2004 and 2005 are soft covers. In 2006 we adopted the familiar format of Automotive Quarterly, known by the automotive world for its highest standard of production. Our award-winning programs feature excellent writing, hardbound covers with a landscape orientation to better display it’s outstanding automotive photography. It epitomizes the best in automotive publications. Shown below you will see these books by year, contents and the featured marque. You can buy one or more…. if you want – call us for a special rate on shipping with quantities over 3 programs. (859) 806-3245 

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