Car Club Paddock

In 2022, with 542 cars attending the Club Paddock it was the largest ever.  Since the Feature Marque was Porsche, the greatest number of cars at 218, were Porsches.  The folks from Blue Grass Porsche upped their presence in the Paddock with a dynamite showing of their Porsche Cars North America Dealership Classic Competition car, a 1982 911 SC.  Motorsport displayed the car components and a video of the restoration process.  It was yet to be final assembled in their Louisville shop.  Our BGS Hospitality Park was also upped in scale to handle the larger than normal number of Porsche visitors to the paddock.  Thanks to Jamie Diehl and his volunteers for running the Park.


Our 2022 Paddock Challenge Donations benefiting the Kentucky Children’s Hospital was at an all-time high of $11,407!!  For the first time, the Sterling British Motoring Society won the Challenge Trophy with only 33 cars.  Their donation of $4,675 eclipsed the thirteen-time trophy winning Porsche Club by $51.  A dark day for Porsche!  It was also a first time for the Corvette Club to receive the Challenge Plaque with a donation of $1,645 per 50 Corvettes, a winning at $32.90/car.  It is of major note that cumulatively since 2005, when Becky Cleaver (a past BGS member) held the first Paddock Challenge, the good-natured competition between clubs has generated $110,949.  As always, our clubs are glad to see that the biggest winner of all is the UK Healthcare Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

Great job folks!

Ken Hold



When parking in the Car Club Paddock, a hanging placard is purchased for $5 per car in addition to your entry ticket per person and displayed throughout the day.  And as always, all proceeds go to our beneficiary, UK Healthcare Kentucky Children’s Hospital.


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