Sunday Tour d’Elegance

July 21, 2024

See below for details on the 2023 driving tour and check back here for 2024 details as they become available!

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s Time for 

The 2023 Tour d’Elegance

This year, to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Keeneland Concours d’Elegance, we will showcase the horsepower that inspires the inner drive to keep moving forward as a region. As always, the Tour will depart from the Keene Entertainment Barn. Historic Runnymede Farm, the ancestral home of Mage, the 2023 Kentucky Derby winner, and Carter Caves Carter Caves State Resort Park, will highlight the stops on the 2023 Tour.

Runnymede is recognized as Kentucky’s oldest continuously owned Thoroughbred farm, with many significant contributions to Kentucky’s equine, political, and business history. To respect its historic nature and hallowed grounds, we will take two small groups into the farm at two distinct times. Participants will receive additional information about the two schedules at sign up. Each group will learn more about Runnymede’s storied history and its vision for the future directly from Brutus J. Clay III before touring the Miss Woodford Barn, where mares will rest only a few feet away from participants. Do not tarry long, though, as the road into the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Kentucky beckon!

The 2023 Tour will end at Carter Caves State Resort Park. During the lunch service, a representative from Backroads of Appalachia will discuss how they leverage the passion for horsepower into ways that support – and drive – the economic development of eastern Kentucky. Backroads of Appalachia aims to attract tourists who, in turn, spend money to support local businesses, provide jobs, relieve poverty, and improve the quality of life for the residents of Appalachia.

Please note the Tour is approximately 140 miles from start to finish. Participants will experience more time on the road to enjoy spectacular scenery and take on the challenges this year’s route provides, such as a quick climb of approximately 1200 feet along curvy mountain roads before diving down in a quick descent into the hollers of Appalachia.

For those utilizing electric vehicles, please note there is a vehicle charging facility approximately five miles from Carter Caves State Resort Park.

In addition to a printed Tour booklet, participants will also receive optional access to an iPhone app capable of providing turn-by-turn directions when paired with your vehicle’s audio system. All participants will receive links where they can access turn-by-turn navigation to previous Keeneland Concours Tours.

Respectfully submitted,

Fausto Sarmiento

2024 Tour Director


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