Sunday – Concours Tour d’Elegance

JULY 18, 2021 

The 2021 Tour d’Elegance will take participants through central aspects of the Bluegrass region. From the cityscape of new buildings visible on the horizon to quaint Main Streets in small towns, Tour participants will witness both the challenges and the opportunities that nurture the region’s economic vitality. This scenic drive will give participants insights into the efforts Kentuckians are putting into closing out the hiatus of 2020 with renewed vigor for the second half of 2021 and beyond.  

However. However! Don’t let the easy pace, beautiful scenery, and glimpses of agribusiness in the Tour’s first half fool you. We are automotive enthusiasts, after all. We are united by our passion for the drive, not merely a picturesque place. 

Soon after passing through a secluded covered bridge, beautiful scenery will elicit nary a mention as conversations quiet down. The inherent spirited rhythm of the road will encourage navigators and passengers to let even experienced drivers meet the challenging S turns with their full attention. 

Sign up and buckle in. It’s time to drive. 

Respectfully submitted,
Fausto Sarmiento, 2021 Tour Director


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