Michael J. Gilbreath

I am a gear head and racing fanatic since as long as I can remember. Sports cars, airplanes, motorcycles and my passion, Formula 1, run deep.

Upon coming to Lexington to work as a consultant from California, I quickly discovered the Maserati Mingle and the Keeneland Concours d’Elegance and was smitten. I immediately volunteered and was assigned to help Ken and Jack with Paddock Parking, which I enjoyed doing for three years. Then one day I was sitting at my desk at work and my phone rang—it was Tom Jones! He asked me if I would consider participating at a higher level and invited me to a core group meeting. Being both flattered and intrigued, I accepted immediately.

The first core group meeting I attended was visited by two doctors from the UK Children’s Hospital who came to the meeting to thank the group for their support, and describe where the financial contribution from the Concours was being used. Upon listening to these doctors, with tears in their eyes, telling the group how thankful they were to be able to do the things they were doing because of the support from the Concours, saving children’s lives.

There was no way anyone could walk out of that meeting and not be touched by what the Concours does for children and their parents. From that moment I was committed to doing anything I could to support this wonderful cause. Oh, and it is a hell of a car show as well!

Back to being a gear head. . . if you have ever attended the Concours you know it showcases the finest collector cars in the country. Combined with the silent auction, the artwork on display, and a Car Club Paddock like no other, makes this one of the best events of its kind in the nation.

I am very proud the be the Concours Director of Volunteers, and look forward to making this event better and better every year for many years to come.